In this world we live in is a world of choice. We all encounter both bad and good times. 

This bad times are actually maybe I can call it challenges and temptations. With this challenges in life they also bring positive and negative impacts. One of the positive impacts are that it brings a change in our lives that improve our understanding about our well-being . Negative are like one gets discouraged in life. 

I want us to see this challenges and temptations as fictions. Fictions mainly are those things that ain’t real and not believed to be true. 

If we all see all our troubles and problems in this perspective we will go ahead to achieve alot since what bad that happens to us we don’t take it so heavily. 

And also when we have this problems in life we should all seek to understand that it is maybe coming as a form of teaching and lesson and commonly a message from our Almighty God so take it positively and all we go well. 

Wish all to have a happy Easter 

Be blessed 

Lawrence Kiptanui 👐👐

The love of our parents 


There was a family that consisted of a father and his two sons, the father at some point dug a hole at the middle of his house, placed a metallic box in it 

Days passed and the father got old and at some point he got ill 

Seeing that he may pass out he told his two sons that he had written a weal that was somewhere below his house, so what they could do is tear down the entire house down and dig to find the weal, he also added that the weal he had written would be enough for them even up to his great grandchildren 

When the two sons heard of this statement from their father they yearned to see their father dead, they didn’t bother about his welfare at all sooner the father died. 

Burial was held and the next day after their dad’s burial they tore their father’s house down in the name of getting the weal 

The dug out the soil and finally after great deal of work, they found the metallic box 

As they opened the box it had a book and in the book it had only a statement that stated 

“If you’re real and strong men built your own houses “”


Our parents are far more important than worldly possessions and you shouldn’t be the one after what they have struggled for 


By Fr. Kigen 


In this life we’re living right now everything seems animated by the word go 

We all live in this world as the main purpose lies on our hands, we all need to know and understand the purpose of living . 

Ambitions in life are the driving forces of purpose for living. We all ought to have ambitions that will drive us to our visions and dreams. 

Those who do animations believe that they should make every new animation look positively unique and attractive to our view. That’s the same way we should do with our lives by making every single bit of it look sparkling positive and worth imitating .

Aspirations brings hope on certain things we want to acquire in life, we  should purely believe in what we aspire to achieve and this is brought forth by believing in the deeds that drives us.

Animations was due to creativity and innovation that started so simply, this also teaches us that ambitions lack limits, so no limit in life. 

Take your chances where you see a way and incase those chances have been closed don’t look so blind not to see the new ones that have been opened for you, be as keen to what goes and comes around. 

Lawerence Kiptanui 

At your disposal 


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday, through which we attain redemption
So let as all give up things like extra food, clothes, leisure and even time only for the sake of others 

If we do this, we will be making the lent period a reasonable period 

God bless us all during this period 

Show a difference in this period by dropping sin 


I clearly chose this title because it had an hidden meaning in it that elaborates many things in life. 

One thing about life is you must find a purpose in it, without any purpose in life you’re screwed up. 

Many people take the all century to realize what they can do and what they can’t. It’s a pity because at that time when you realize it, you would have been worn out and won’t do it perfectly compared if you could have realized it earlier.

Our main purpose Ofcos is to praise and serve our Heavenly father. But remember when Jesus Christ was on  earth he did a couple of things i.e Teaching just as teachers do, He was able to heal the same way docters do. 

To find the second unknown purpose in life is to find out what you like doing the most and what you feel confident with. 

I will pursue computing and music. 

I love computing because it’s an interesting area for me and well music,,,,,,,,,,,, wow I loved it, love it and I will always love it. 

They say music is the truth and I believe it is. 

I have found my purpose in life, now you reading this post I want you to know that once you get to know your purpose in life? Nothing is going to demorolise you 

So take a step of faith and realized your second purpose on earth just the way I have realized mine. 

Be blessed you all 

Lawrence Kiptanui 

At your disposal 

God is watching us from a distance. 

Let’s make Him proud, Amen 

What I had as a dream 

When I was still so young, I could go and stay by our church pianist~Peter and I admired every move he made in the piano. 

I made a promise to myself that one day I will play the piano just as good as he played it. Guess what now, I can play the piano. 

So to you reading this post know that there is hope for you in whatsoever dream you got 

It only takes sacrifice, patience and you’ll be shocked you’re there. 

So make a change right now and start believing in your instincts