Today am off from sharing an inspiration but basically basing on my inspirational life. 

Someday back then I was privileged to meet this lady who she’s so appealing to the eye of anyone if you ask me, she caries herself so keenly and seems to be aware of every detail going on around her. 

This lady caught my entire attention actually from my head hairs to my toes. 

She made me re-annalyse myself over and over again

From that day things changed in me and around me, they say you don’t know what you’ve been missing until it comes .

I then realized that I needed her so much and I had to find her. 

From the moment I started speaking to her just from the first day, things evolved:

  • I retrieved myself ~ the real Lawrence Kiptanui Now 
  • My ambitions and dreams started to become valid once again after such a very long time 
  • My esteem also came 🔙 

Sincerely speaking everything in me has changed and it’s all because of her, she has some unique character that it more than admirable.

I want to tell the whole world that mercy cheptoo, the lady am talking about, the lady who has been of great inspiration to my life, the lady who gave me 🔙 my dreams to validity ~ I am speaking from my heart that for once I have felt this unique feeling that shockingly hasn’t faded away since that day I set my eyes on her .

Mercy, all I want you to know is that I have you in my heart, brain, nerves I believe everywhere in me and within me .I love you so much and am more than ready to be in a relationship with you my entire life.

You’re my dreamboat and I always ask God for a hand in this. 

Thank you so much my lady for your great great change over that you’ve brought to my life 

May God protect you and fight for you in whatsoever dream you got in your life. 

You’re an inspiration to me and this has brought a positive impact in my life, I thank you so much and I always wish and pray that you stay in my life forever. 

I love you 😘😘😍😍

Lawrence Kiptanui 


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