In this world we live in is a world of choice. We all encounter both bad and good times. 

This bad times are actually maybe I can call it challenges and temptations. With this challenges in life they also bring positive and negative impacts. One of the positive impacts are that it brings a change in our lives that improve our understanding about our well-being . Negative are like one gets discouraged in life. 

I want us to see this challenges and temptations as fictions. Fictions mainly are those things that ain’t real and not believed to be true. 

If we all see all our troubles and problems in this perspective we will go ahead to achieve alot since what bad that happens to us we don’t take it so heavily. 

And also when we have this problems in life we should all seek to understand that it is maybe coming as a form of teaching and lesson and commonly a message from our Almighty God so take it positively and all we go well. 

Wish all to have a happy Easter 

Be blessed 

Lawrence Kiptanui 👐👐


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