In this life we’re living right now everything seems animated by the word go 

We all live in this world as the main purpose lies on our hands, we all need to know and understand the purpose of living . 

Ambitions in life are the driving forces of purpose for living. We all ought to have ambitions that will drive us to our visions and dreams. 

Those who do animations believe that they should make every new animation look positively unique and attractive to our view. That’s the same way we should do with our lives by making every single bit of it look sparkling positive and worth imitating .

Aspirations brings hope on certain things we want to acquire in life, we  should purely believe in what we aspire to achieve and this is brought forth by believing in the deeds that drives us.

Animations was due to creativity and innovation that started so simply, this also teaches us that ambitions lack limits, so no limit in life. 

Take your chances where you see a way and incase those chances have been closed don’t look so blind not to see the new ones that have been opened for you, be as keen to what goes and comes around. 

Lawerence Kiptanui 

At your disposal 


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