I clearly chose this title because it had an hidden meaning in it that elaborates many things in life. 

One thing about life is you must find a purpose in it, without any purpose in life you’re screwed up. 

Many people take the all century to realize what they can do and what they can’t. It’s a pity because at that time when you realize it, you would have been worn out and won’t do it perfectly compared if you could have realized it earlier.

Our main purpose Ofcos is to praise and serve our Heavenly father. But remember when Jesus Christ was on  earth he did a couple of things i.e Teaching just as teachers do, He was able to heal the same way docters do. 

To find the second unknown purpose in life is to find out what you like doing the most and what you feel confident with. 

I will pursue computing and music. 

I love computing because it’s an interesting area for me and well music,,,,,,,,,,,, wow I loved it, love it and I will always love it. 

They say music is the truth and I believe it is. 

I have found my purpose in life, now you reading this post I want you to know that once you get to know your purpose in life? Nothing is going to demorolise you 

So take a step of faith and realized your second purpose on earth just the way I have realized mine. 

Be blessed you all 

Lawrence Kiptanui 

At your disposal 

God is watching us from a distance. 

Let’s make Him proud, Amen 


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